Saperavi, Red dry Qvevri wine, Napheri 2019



This natural wine is made in Qvevri with skin contact maceration for 4 months from Saperavi grapes variety, which is harvested in Kartli Region. Characterized by dark ruby color. There are expressed tones of blackberry, black plum and ripe cherry in flavor. It’s sophisticated and harmonic with a smooth ending. Best served with beef steak, barbecue, roasted mushrooms, and varieties of cheese.

What is into the liquid that we offer and how is it made?

  • The grapes are harvested by hand (not by machine).
  • Cultured yeast or any type of yeast is not used.
  • No additives: sugars, aromas, tartaric acids or other chemicals.
  • Unfiltered (may contain natural sediment).
  • Fermented and aged in Qvevri (up to 12 months).
  • No sulfides added before and during fermentation, sulfides are used for bottling only, with total sulfide content <40mg/l.


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Georgian wine, Saperavi Red dry Qvevriwine, Napheri.
Maceration: Qvevri
Production Method: Natural / Biodynamic
Category: Red Dry wine
Volume: 750 ml
Alcohol: 13,8 %
Sugar: 1,8 mg/l
Sulphites: 35 Mg/l
Colour: Red
Taste: White fruits, peaches and citrus aromas
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