Saperavi, Red-dry Qvevri wine Khutsishvili



Dark red wine of dark ruby ​​color from the Qvevri line perfectly conveys the varietal aromas of selected Saperavi grape varieties! It is characterized by the well-aged varietal aroma, tones of ripe cherries, plums, and dried fruits. The taste is full, the finish is long, velvety.

We value our customers and believe that transparency and trust are important, therefore, we have decided to take unprecedented step that no one else did, and publish official laboratory reports of our wines, so now you know ‘what is into the liquid that you drink’!

Khutsishvili saperavi lab report

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Saperavi, Red-dry Qvevri wine Khutsishvili
Maceration: Qvevri
Production Method: Natural / Biodynamic
Category: Red Dry wine
Volume: 750 ml
Alcohol: 13,5 %
Sugar: 2,6 mg/l
Sulphites: 35 Mg/l
Colour: Red
Taste: White fruits, peaches and citrus aromas
Andrey Yukhanaev 09-08-2020 21:19

Absolutely SENSATIONAL wine! No words can explain the silkiness of it’s taste, body, aroma, You have To try it yourself!
My wife, who is highly allergic to sulphites and gets awful headaches Virtually from a couple of sips of any, even high quality wine, drank a full glass of that wine and had no headache at all! Proving how truly natural that wine is and only containing a tiny amount of naturally occurring sulphites. Amazing!

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