Welcome to the cradle of natural wines

We offer unprecedented access to handcrafted rare wines directly from our wine cellars, from Georgia, where we follow the natural method of wine-making, so we don’t add any refining or chemical additives to our wines!

The history and roots of Georgian viticulture have developed over eight millennia. The ancient and unique Qvevri winemaking method has been preserved by Georgia’s dedicated vintners, and now we choose to share it with the world.

Georgia has an uninterrupted tradition of viticulture and winemaking. More than 500 indigenous grape varieties grow across the country. On a site near the capital, Tbilisi, archaeologists have discovered ceramic vessels decorated with grapes and found cultivated grape pollen in the soil. The age of the site at Gadachrili Gora indicates that Georgians have been making wine for some 8,000 years. This is the earliest evidence of winemaking ever found and has led experts to name Georgia the birthplace, or cradle of wine.

The Georgian winemaking method, using a buried clay vessel called a Qvevri to mature the wine, has been added to the UNESCO list of humanity’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. All our winemakers use this ancient method and produce wines in Qvevri.